Product number: Schallbecher-Messing-Standard
Manufacturer DürkHorns
Pressed bells are made from a round blank. For technical reasons, more work is done on the narrow side than on the wide side. As a result, the material thickness decreases towards the screw ring and increases slightly towards the edge. The sound is somewhat brighter and more bell-like than that of the hand-hammered bell.

Our hand-hammered bells are made from a blank, folded lengthways and soldered to the overlapping ends with a longitudinal seam. This can still be seen after the production. Due to the asymmetry that has now arisen, the material must now be “directed around” on special tools. In contrast to working on the pressed bell, the material is reversed, namely thinner towards the bell edge. In order to ensure the correct scale, we pressed the now almost matching blank onto the bell shape in the last step.

Due to the thinner wall thickness towards the edge, the hand-hammered bell swings faster. The sound is a little darker and warmer. Due to the thinner material, the sound smashes earlier in the forte area. This can be avoided with a garland.

We offer both cups as well in "normal" wall thickness as in thin wall thickness (light).

Video: Handgehämmerter Schall
Video: Gedrückter Schall
Color: black
Execution: Hand hammered, Hand hammered light, Standard, Standard light
Material: Brass, Bronze, Gold brass, Nickel silver
Weight: 1.5 kg