Master Workshop


Our instrument builders and master craftsmen all received their training in well-known, distinguished workshops and continue to further their education and hone their abilities.

In addition to producing our own handcrafted wind instruments in our master workshop, we of course also make repairs on all brands of instruments. Upon request, we can provide a binding estimate or expert evaluation before beginning repairs.


Most instruments come from the drawing board. A select few come straight from the heart: the brass instruments of Master Workshop DÜRK in Dromersheim.

When customers and visitors approach the site of Dietmar Dürk’s little workshop, they find themselves in a peaceful, attractive setting. Here, nestled between vineyards, first-class brass instruments are built with great care and skill, and find their way to those discriminating musicians who are searching for something out of the ordinary.

All of those who work here learned their skillful techniques under the tutelage of distinguished master craftsmen. Always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration, we also enjoy ongoing dialogs with experts in other fields. This open-minded approach led to our use of the latest CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology to design the valves for our Model D3 double horn, achieving a distinct improvement in the construction of horns and trumpets without sacrificing any aspect of our conscientious handicraft.

Dietmar Dürk uses lead to bend his own bells, even though the time and cost involved is much greater than with other methods. The extra work has been proven to have a positive effect on tone quality and durability. In establishing their line of instruments, Dietmar Dürk and his staff have followed the example of well-known, long-standing instrument builders, integrating the ideas of a younger generation while carrying on the tradition of hand-built instruments.

The customers of DürkHorns appreciate the art of instrument building, not only our in-house production, but also our service and repair of instruments from other manufacturers. Our regular customers range from amateurs to soloists with well-known orchestras. Our motto: A modern approach to classical instruments.

Our expertise, with the dedication of sensibility, trademarks the quality of our repair department; from severely damaged flutes to full restorations of battered tubas. Metal plating is sent to the best experts in the line of business here in Germany, and the target for us is a finished product performing as well, if not better, than the first day it was purchased.


From the hand and mind of a master craftsman…

All wood and metal wind instruments that have a problem with the performance or an accident, including the cases, can be easily repaired. Service checks are carried out with competence and speed.

Many instruments pass through the workshop in Dromersheim every year. The owner of a wind instrument must be conscious of his responsibility for the maintenance of his/her instrument. With this care for the sensitive musical instrument, the value of a sometimes high valued instrument can be maintained. With a broad, diversified, and specialized knowledge; the disassembly of an instrument, cleaning, servicing, and restoration is accomplished. Our expertise, with the dedication of sensibility, trademarks the quality of our repair department.