Lead pipe & receiver system

The position of the mouthpiece in the lead pipe has a significant effect on the response and the center of the sound, as well as the overall feeling of the instrument.

This means that there are, in effect, two different mouthpiece shanks in contact with one another, causing unavoidable variations on the positioning and conical fit of the mouthpiece inside the lead pipe. In order to permanently remove this geometrical discrepancy, we developed our Dürk Horns Receiver System, which allows you to place your mouthpiece perfectly inside the lead pipe. It helps you to fit as well as position your mouthpiece optimally. What’s more, you don’t even need a special tool to screw it on and off. A simple coin suffices.

The two fundamental shanks are:

Thread pitch 1:30 for example: Tilz, Schmidt, Paxman, Alexander;
Our Dürk HORNS Receiver which are marked with a T.

Thread pitch 1:20 for example: Klier, Hoyer, Yamaha;
Our DürkHORNS Receiver are marked with an M.

Morse 0 Thread pitch corresponds to a conical ratio of 1:19, 212 e.g. Schilke, Bach.

This slight mistake concerning the thread can easily be neglected. This is why we assign these to thread pitch 1:20.

Of course, it is equally important to note the diameter of the mouthpiece shank itself. Thus the second problem arises: the positioning of the mouthpiece in the lead pipe. If the diameter is larger, it is not possible to get the mouthpiece deep enough into the lead pipe. If it is thinner, it will go in too deep, resulting in the horn losing its center.

This is why we have developed these receivers in different sizes, ascending and descending in 1/2 mm increments. We always deliver our horns with two receivers to make sure that the “fit” is correct and that nothing wobbles

M and T are for models with DürkHorns lead pipes (models D1,D2, D3, D4, LDx6, D8, D10 and ab Aeternum). ML and TL are for models with original S.W. Lewis lead pipes (models LDx5, LD Clevenger).

These receivers are available at our own atelier as well as through our authorized retailers.


Finger hooks, flippers & adjustable thumb levers

From a purely technical point of view, this is also a revolutionary development from Dürk Horns. Changing the position of the finger hook or the flipper is fast and effortless.

Just loosen the screw, adjust the position of the finger hook/flipper as needed, and then refasten the screw. Simple and effective

Our specially designed ball joint provides the opportunity to adjust the thumb levers individually, providing a perfect ergonomic fit for any hand size. Our scientific expertise in the field of ergonomics is our guide in all our endeavours, and this knowledge enables us to make our horns as comfortable as possible to play and reduces the risk of performance-related injury.

These goals have been set for the sake of the player. And it is always a great pleasure!

Ergonomic trigger LD Clevenger

Traditionally you press a pump valve or a piston valve. But not anymore!

With our cleverly devised (deflection) mechanism on the LD Clevenger model, the valve is pulled out rather than pressed. Through this mechanical innovation, the distance to cover is half as far (pushing 8mm moves the valve 16mm). Short pressure – long path. Instead of a linear movement, we have built in a radial motion, as horn players are accustomed to with a rotary valve. On top of that, we have combined it with a three-dimensional adjustable trigger plate.

Innovation meets DürkHorns

DürkHorns Marching lyre

How do you look at things? From the corner of your eye downwards? Or do you prefer to see in the easiest way? Straight ahead.

That’s where you’ll find your marching lyre, fixed on the 4-millimeter bar of your adjustable finger hook. The 3- dimensional adjustable ball joint fixture allows you to place it in the ideal position for you. It’s child’s play - simple and effective.


Do you value your health and the environment? Then you will find our products from the eco-friendly GreenLine especially appealing! 

 All our leather products have been treated solely with herbal tanning agents (oak, chestnut, mimosar bark, quebracho wood) as well as with natural greases. This leather is free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, and organic solvents. Vegetable-tanned leather is fragrant, being extra mild on the skin, and practically indestructible when properly taken care of. Take care of yourself. Be worth it! You are worth to us!

Sound Protector

The sound of your horn is not influenced in any way by the use of the Sound Protector because it covers a minimal area. Who said the leather hand guard has to wrap completely around your horn?
Our Sound Protector encloses your hand and protects your instrument from sweat. As it only touches the horn on a small area, the vibrations and tone have the freedom to bloom without effecting the vibrations either on the lead pipe or the bell tail. Besides, the leather doesn’t stay wet on the horn. It dries separately and saves your instrument from discoloration.

Leather Hand Guard

Sound Protector - or do you prefer something a little more conservative?
Our leather protector is an ideal fit: longer on the outside, and slits on the inside, so that it hugs the instrument perfectly without wrinkles or rough edges. It is also, of course, part of our Greenline series.

Hand Loop

The DürkHorns Hand Loop distributes the weight of the horn perfectly over the whole hand.
In order to achieve optimal weight distribution and to hold everything in place, we have welded a small base on the bell tail. The eyelets make the loop adjustable to fit every hand size.
Safe. Reliable. Greenline.