D10 Allegrini Experience


Product number: D10 Allegrini Experience.60
Manufacturer DürkHorns
Experience. Harmonization. Creation.

Among these attributes one could describe the cooperation of DürkHorns and Maestro Alessio Allegrini. With the model "D10 Allegrini Experience" we have initiated changes and reinvented them. The air column always oscillates in the same direction, all valves also rotate in this one direction with the air. All in harmony. Everything acts in concert - in the same direction...

Carefully selected materials and perfect reconciliation - anything, except ordinary.
Horn type: Double horn
Valves: conical precision valves
Basic mood: Bb/F or F/Bb easy to change over
Mood: A-440Hz to A-443Hz possible
Bore: 12,1mm
Valve drive: String Mechanism / Switching Valves Double Minibal
Valve screw cap: Nickel silver, engraved
Fingers crossed: three-dimensionally adjustable
Mouthpipe: thick-walled brass, for optimal projection, with innovative DürkHorns receiver system
Water valve: None, Standard on the leadpipe
Cylindrical arches: perfectly cylindrically calibrated
Voice slides: all trains inside and outside nickel silver hand lapped
Cramps: Made from the best nickel silver
Sound diameter: 310mm
Unscrewable bell: Standard
Screw ring for unscrewable sound: special bearing bronze for long life
Optional surfaces: Lacquering, silver plating, gold plating
Weight: 2 kg


Panther Hightech
Color: grey

Panther Hightech
Color: black

Gig-Bag MB1
Horn model: D1, D2, D4, D8, LDx5, D10