Double horn Alexander 103 Jubilee- Price on request


Product number: Double horn Alexander 103 Jubilee -2
Manufacturer Gebr. Alexander Mainz

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The anniversary French horn from Alexander 1909-2009

-Limited to 25 pieces worldwide (ours is No. 23)
-Handmade brass artwork
-Built according to patent specification from 1909
-Traditional push rods
-Elaborate, historical engravings on the bell and valve covers
-Traditionally designed leadpipe
-Incl. Suitcase
Like new original condition

The bell of the double horn made of brass cannot be unscrewed, hand-hammered with a gusset, made from a single piece of sheet metal, which is incorporated into the opening bell, ensuring that the material thickness does not become too thin when the bell is pushed apart. Other traditional features include the leadpipe without a water key, no nickel silver handguard on the leadpipe and sound, and brass inner slides. The printing mechanism and push rods are of old design, and the thumb printer and finger hooks are hand-forged. The supports are individually made by hand. The entire instrument is made exclusively from brass.

The hand engraving on the bell contributes to the exclusive appearance of the instrument. Further historical special engravings can be found on the valve covers.

The tailor-made case made of wood with leather cover, made according to the old style, is also traditionally equipped inside and out as it was a hundred years ago.
Weight: 3 kg