Alessio Allegrini

about the cooperation with DürkHorns

Dietmar Dürk and I have been searching for over a year for a sound that projects itself into infinity. Based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s studies which are based on the Spiral Aurea, we developed a switching valve that rotates 120 degrees and is able to let the air flow continuously in a clockwise direction without creating turbulences.

We were looking for a rich and harmonious sound based on my experience and historical research into the true German sound. This is how we found out that in the time before Karajan it was a warm, mellow sound with sharp peaks only when necessary. The sound of the Dürk D10 is the synthesis of a search for historical truth, but it is also the result of modern acoustic studies, based on sound projection. The Dürk D10 produces a magical sound that captivates the listener and is not localized where it comes from. And this is the real magic that a horn must create. The horn has a great carrying capacity, perfect intonation, lightness in both the middle, low and high registers.

Dietmar Dürk has brilliantly understood the needs of an art that must take into account the development of the modern concert hall as well as the development of the world’s horn players

Finally… I play Dürk because Dürk is Dürk!