Model D1 eco


Product number: Modell D1 eco.30
Manufacturer DürkHorns
The D1 is a full double horn, which was designed as an introduction into the professional world of horn playing and displays the same renowned quality as all instruments from the Dürk master workshop. Select materials and the skill of our instrument builders give the D1 its unique character.
Horn type: Double horn
Valves: conical precision valves
Basic mood: B/F or F/B
Mood: A-440Hz to A-443Hz possible
Bore: 12,1mm
Valve drive: String Mechanism / Switching Valves Double Minibal
Valve screw cap: Nickel silver
Fingers crossed: two-dimensionally adjustable
Mouthpipe: Standard gold brass with engraved nickel silver ferrule. With innovative DürHorns receiver system
Water valve: None
Cylindrical arches: perfectly cylindrically calibrated
Voice slides: all trains inside and outside nickel silver hand lapped
Cramps: Made from the best nickel silver
Sound diameter: 310mm
Unscrewable bell: Standard
Screw ring for unscrewable sound: special bearing bronze for long life
Bell: Medium
Optional surfaces: Lacquering, silver plating, gold plating
Weight: 2 kg


Gig-Bag MB1
Horn model: D1, D2, D4, D8, LDx5, D10


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