Model LDx5 / Boston


Product number: Modell LDx5 / Boston.176
Manufacturer DürkHorns
The LDx5 came into being through the collaboration of two experts in their fields – Master Craftsman Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk. Masterful workmanship, in combination with the best of materials and years of experience, has brought fantastic results. The horn is traditional in design, but the concept behind its construction is an innovative one. The tools and production techniques were developed in-house and specifically for this project, supporting traditional handicraft and assuring the quality, consistent standard and series identity of each individual horn. The gentle, careful handling of materials during construction insures a minimum of material stress, resulting in a horn that speaks freely, responds quickly, and resonates with an open and clear sound from the very first note.

The LDx5 is also available as a Boston model. The slides and the lead pipe are also made of brass. Versatile timbres from light to blaring. But also soft and elegant.
Horn model: Model LDx5, Model LDx5 Boston (leadpipe/strings in brass)
Horn type: Double horn
Valves: conical precision valves
Basic mood: B/F or F/B, B/F or F/B easy to switch
Mood: A-440Hz to A-443Hz possible
Bore: 12,1mm
Valve drive: String Mechanism / Switching Valves Double Minibal
Valve screw cap: Nickel silver
Fingers crossed: three-dimensionally adjustable, three-dimensionally adjustable & individually adjustable, high F top or B/F top
Mouthpipe: Standard nickel silver with engraved gold brass plate. Boston model in brass. With DürHorns receiver system, Standard nickel silver with engraved gold brass plate. With innovative DürkHorns receiver system
Water valve: Standard on the leadpipe
Cylindrical arches: perfectly cylindrically calibrated
Voice slides: all trains inside and outside nickel silver hand lapped, all trains inside and outside nickel silver hand lapped. On the Boston model in brass.
Cramps: Made from the best nickel silver, Made of the best nickel silver. In the Boston model in brass.
Sound diameter: 310mm
Unscrewable bell: Standard
Screw ring for unscrewable sound: special bearing bronze for long life
Bell: Medium
Optional surfaces: Lacquering, silver plating, gold plating
Weight: 3 kg


Gig-Bag MB1
Horn model: D1, D2, D4, D8, LDx5, D10

Panther Hightech
Color: grey

Panther Hightech
Color: black


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