Discant Horn

Model LDx6


Product number: Modell LDx6.30
Manufacturer DürkHorns
This Bb/high F descant horn from Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk is known for its exceptional response and intonation. The special valve configuration allows the Bb lead pipe to be extra-long, enabling a rich and full tone quality throughout the registers. The high F side features a separate mouth pipe that helps align its timbre with that of the Bb horn, making the two sides interact in a homogenous way. Another of the great advantages of this model is the separate slide for tuning the high F side. In addition, an F extension that lengthens the A stop valve is available, making it possible to play the natural tones of the low F horn.
Horn type: Treble horn
Valves: conical precision valves
Basic mood: high F/B with A plug valve
Mood: A-440Hz to A-443Hz possible
Bore: 12,1mm
Valve drive: String mechanism / switching valves and tamping valve double Minibal
Valve screw cap: Nickel silver
Fingers crossed: ergonomically furnished
Mouthpipe: Standard nickel silver with engraved gold brass plate. With innovative DürkHorns receiver system
Water valve: Standard on the leadpipe
Cylindrical arches: perfectly cylindrically calibrated
Voice slides: all trains inside and outside nickel silver hand lapped
Cramps: Made from the best nickel silver
Sound diameter: 310mm
Unscrewable bell: Standard
Screw ring for unscrewable sound: special bearing bronze for long life
Bell: Medium
Optional surfaces: Lacquering, silver plating, gold plating
Weight: 2 kg


Panther Hightech
Color: black

Panther Hightech
Color: grey

Gig-Bag XL


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